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Blokhin Vladimir Vladimirovich, Doctor of historical sciences, professor, sub-department of history and social and economic disciplines, RUDN University (building 3, 10, Miklukho-Maklaya street, Moscow, Russia), E-mail: 

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Background. The relevance of the study consists in studying conceptual models of the post-reform modernization of Russia of the XIX century in the agricultural sector, represented by left-wing liberal economists A. S. Posnikov, A. I. Chuprov, A. A. Kaufman. An analysis of the economic views of scientists and economists allows us to differentiate individual trends in domestic liberalism (left-wing liberal, semi-populist), and comprehend alternative models of the economic reform of agriculture. The recipes proposed by liberal economists for the revival of agriculture in Russia, the path of community transformation into modern farming, based on largescale government support, are relevant for modern Russia.
Materials and methods. Sources of the research are works on economics and materials of scientific journalism, which made it possible to identify the key problems of disputes about the nature, direction and ways of reforming Russian society, its central issue – the role of the peasantry and peasant community in the economic development of the country. In the work, a comparative analysis method is used, which allows to identify differences in the views on the community of representatives of classical liberalism (Gerier, Chicherin) and left-wing liberals.
Results. Based on the analysis of the concepts of left-wing liberals, the model of the country’s economic progress was reconstructed, which presupposed the preservation and transformation of the community principles into well-organized farming. The study revealed a significant role in the reconstruction of the post-reform agricultural sector of such important components as rent, measures of state support to the peasantry.
Conclusions. In the process of analyzing the discussion about the post-reform community, it was found that left-wing liberal economists proposed an alternative model for the post-reform development of agrarian relations. Unfortunately, the results of their scientific activities were not taken into account in the implementation of the Stolypin reform, which, as is known, led to an aggravation of the socio-political crisis in 1917. The comprehensive nature of measures to improve agriculture and land use, proposed by left-wing liberal economists, has not lost its theoretical and practical significance to this day. 

Key words

rent, community, private property, state intervention in agrarian relations, post-reform development, farming, left-wing liberalism, populism, capitalism 


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